How the index started

PC by Thomas Gainsborough
Parish Clerk by Thomas Gainsborough

I saw a reference in the “Family Tree” magazine to a book called “The Parish Clerk”, by PH Ditchfield (Metheun, London, 1907), which contained a lot of information about Parish Clerks.

One of my ancestors was a Parish Clerk, so I ordered the book from the libary to see if my forebear was mentioned and to get some background information.

Alas my ancestor was not included, but there was so much other information and people mentioned by name, that it seemed a good idea to index the names and places mentioned, so as to share this valuable “flesh on the bone” resource.

The Parish Clerk Index was started and includes references from many other sources as well as references to sextons and churchwardens – new references are always welcome!

The quality of the information may be variable, from a detailed amusing or tragic story to just a passing reference. The index is primarily intended as a pointer to the original source.