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Grantham Journal 27th May 1871
On Wednesday afternoon information was given to Mr. Arnold, one of the coroners for Sussex, of a frightful accident which occurred on the London and Brighton Railway to a lady named Mrs. Florence Dowell. It appeared that the deceased, who was a widow lady, residing at New Fishbourne, left home to pay a visit to a friend. She was accompanied by two young ladies, named Miss Tupman and Mrs. Nunn, both of Chichester. In returning home in the afternoon they were in the act of crossing over the line at the Twelve Acre Field foot crossing, when the 2.55 p.m. train from Portsmouth came along. The two young ladies got safely across, but upon the engine-driver sounding the whistle the deceased became frightened, and did not know which way to turn to escape. Her friends, seeing her in peril, and the train approaching, endeavoured to pull her across; but before they had time to do so the train came up. The engine caught her dress and dragged her along the line of railway for some distance. Her friends screamed out, and several of the railway company's servants were soon on the spot, when upon going along the line they found they found the unfortunate lady literally cut to pieces, her remains being scattered over the railway. When the driver of the engine saw the deceased on the rails he states he was some distance off, and she had plenty of time to get across with her friends, if she had not stopped when the engine whistle was sounded. Deceased was about 70 years of age and was very short-sighted.
Editors note: Ann Dowell, aged 78 according to the death notice under "BMD" category.