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Western Daily Press 3rd February 1933
Locked House and Its Tragic Secret.
Being unable to get into his house at New Fishbourne, near Chichester, yesterday, Mr. William Henry Tallack obtained a ladder and entered the front bedroom where he found his housekeeper lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood with her throat cut, and a man lying in a serious condition also with his throat cut.
The man subsequently died in the Royal West Sussex Hospital at Chichester.
The dead woman was Miss Glady Nurse, whose home was at Portsea, and the man was Thomas Andrews, whose home was at Southsea, both were about 35 years of age.
Mr Tallack, who was a window cleaner, had returned home for dinner when he made the discovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Oakley, who occupy part of the house, were both away, Mrs. Oakley having gone to spend the day with her mother. Before she left, however, Andrews had arrived at the house to see Miss Nurse with whom it is believed he had been on friendly terms for a long time.
He had rented a room at Portsea, and it is understood that the object of his visit was to induce Miss Nurse to return. It is expected that the inquest will take place this afternoon.
Editors note: Please see report of inquest below.