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Sussex Agricultural Express, 26th July 1898

An extraordinary and sad accident, which unhappily resulted in the death of a lad called Percy Treagus, whose parents

reside at Fishbourne, occurred in the goods yard on the down side of Chichester railway station on Thursday afternoon. It appears that shortly before five o'clock Treagus had gone into the yard with a milk cart (in charge of a man named Ainger). Two other boys were playing about close by, and it is alleged that they were amusing themselves by trying to push an empty truck along the metals. Whether Treagus joined them is not clear, but in running along side the rails he seems to have stumbled, and fallen in an awkward position under the truck, which was then at a standstill. On being picked up it was seen that the unfortunate boy was badly hurt, blood flowing freely from the ears, nose and mouth. He did not, however, appear to have been touched by the wheels on the truck. A medical man was promptly sent for, but the boy expired in a few minutes, and Dr. Ernest Buckall, who subsequently examined the body, pronounced the opinion that the neck had been dislocated. Deceased, whose father is a farm labourer at Fishbourne, was only eight years of age.
The Inquest on the body was held at the Globe Hotel, Chichester, on Friday afternoon, before Mr E. Arnold (Coroner). Evidence was given at great length, and at the suggestion of the Coroner the jury returned an open verdict to the effect that the deceased was in the yard with two other boys who had been pushing a truck to and fro, and that he died from fracture of the skull, but how it was occasioned there was not sufficient evidence to show.