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Hampshire Advertiser, 12th July 1862

Conviction under the Malicious Injury Act.- Edward Adames, 16, and John Rogers, aged 14 years, were charged, under the Malicious Injury Act, with

injuring, on the 29th June last, the tiles of the roof of Fishbourne turnpike house. Mr. Titchener, as clerk to the trustees of the turnpike roads from Fishbourne to Cosham, appeared for the prosecution, and called John Juden, of the West Sussex Constabulary, who deposed: I was on duty, on the 29th of last month, near the turnpike gate at Fishbourne. I saw the two defendants there; they were coming down the road in the direction from Chichester. I had secreted myself. I saw them go up to the turnpike house; there was light enough to enable me to do so. I heard Adames say to Rogers, "Now, throw away." I was about four yards from them when these words were said. The defendants threw three or four stones each at the house. I distinctly heard the stones rattle against the roof. I ran up to Adames and apprehended him, and went after the other lad, whom I also caught. I picked up the stones, produced in court; two I found on the roof, and the others I picked up close by the house. There were several tiles broken. Adames said when I served him with the summons. "The old man shall have something worse soon." - By the defendant Adames: You didn't say that the old man should have something worse soon besides stones; you did throw stones at the turnpike house.- Mr. Turner, the keeper of Fishbourne turnpike gate, who on being sworn, said: I had some tiles on the roof of my house broken between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning of the 29th June. I assess the damage done at 1s.- By Captain Pilkington: I was in bed at the time when I heard the stones rattle on my roof. My housekeeper immediately looked out and saw the two boys with the policeman. I directed the policeman to watch in my garden. I suspected Adames might some night come to my house in order to disturb me.- Clara Adames, sister to the defendant, came forward, and being sworn, said: My brother never made any remark to the policeman when he served the summons on him, further than saying, in my presence, "I must do the best I can now I have got a summons." Fined 10s each, costs 8s, and half damage 6d - 18s 6d each; in default, one week's confinement in Petworth House of Correction with hard labour.- Edward Adames paid his fine. The friends of John Rogers being unable to pay his liabilities, he was taken off in custody of the police.