Brief history of New Fishbourne mills

There have been six mills in Fishbourne, four worked by water and two windmills.

NameTypePeriodLocationCurrent ConditionNotes
The Freshmill Watermill c14C - c1587 Unknown Demolished
Fishbourne Mill Watermill c1605 - 1917 Mill Lane Converted into flats 1958 Breastshot mill
The Salt Mill Watermill c1512 - c1913 Below the high-tide level, reached by a causeway. Fell into disuse after the accidental death of the miller. Stones used to repair Fishbourne Mill after the fire in 1917. Undershot mill
The Water Cornmill Tidal watermill c18C - 1834 At the end of John Jeliffe's wharf. Abandoned when the Smockmill built on higher ground.
The Smockmill Windmill c1834 - ? On higher ground above Jeliffe's wharf.
The Post Mill Windmill c19C West of Fishbourne Mill "Foundations of the brick piers in the garden of mill house. S. and E. just visible. Moved from Rustington, October 1857, to Fishbourne. A black open trestle mill; two pairs of stones, tailpole and talphur, four commons. Pulled down summer 1898." From The Windmills of Sussex, Martin Brunnarius (1979). Fell into disuse after 1883. Moved here from Rustington, in 1857 - a distance of over 12 miles, drawn by nine horses.