Land Tax 1780

The Land Tax was first introduced in 1692 and stipulated that all counties in the UK should be charged a land tax. It was then up to each county to divide the debt between the hundreds and then each parish within the hundred had to pay a percentage, and so each land owner (or occupier, in the case of the Rectory) had to pay.

New Fishbourne
Lady MillerJohn Pilgrim MooreFishbourne Farm£19 6s 0d
Mrs. BattinsWm. Woodmanland£2 12s 0d
Mr. WheelerRobert Quinnellland£4 16s 0d
Philip LawrenceJohn Necklinghouse£0 8s 0d
Mrs. ElcombeJohn LawrenceDouble Tax Farm£9 4s 0d
Mr Mooresdittoland£1 16s 0d
Rev. and Mrs. CarpenterdittoSt. Pancras Ch. land£2 0s 0d
John HollisthimselfSalt Box Farm£4 12s 0d
dittodittoCommon Barn Tythes£0 18s 0d
Wm. Smith Esq.Wm. SouterMill, House & land£4 4s 0d
Ann TupperdittoHouse, Malthouse & land£1 0s 0d
Wm. BakerRoll Leggattfield£1 15s 0d
Mrs. WestwoodWm. Staceyfield£0 16s 0d
Miss StewartRoll Leggattfield£1 15s 0d
Yarrel JohnsonMathew Johnson J. DrewHouse, Malthouse & land£5 12s 0d
Wm. BakerRoll Leggattland£1 4s 0d
Willis Hardhamhimselfland£1 14s 0d
Mrs. BuchnerWillis HardhamLonghurst land£2 2s 0d
Mrs. PecheJeremiah Tillingland£2 16s 0d
Wm. HumphreyhimselfLate J. Diggen´s house and land£1 0s 0d
Mrs. HayleyJohn Wood, Thom. Andrewslands£3 4s 0d
Mrs. AndrewsJames Laceylands£2 16s 0d
John Covert Esq.John Lawrence, John Pannell, Daniel Witmanland£2 8s 0d
John Pannellhimselfhouse£0 6s 0d
Francis Dearhimself, John Ballard, Ann SmithLate Covert´s land£1 16s 0d
Edward Knotthimselflands£0 4s 0d
Richard EdmundsFrancis RobertsLate Knotts£1 12s 0d
Wm. Fowlerhimself & John Ballardhouse£0 4s 0d
Wm. RiggsAnn SmithBulls Head & fields£1 4s 0d
Mrs. MullinsJohn Leggattfield£1 15s 0d
Daniel WitmanhimselfPratts£0 4s 0d
Rev. & Mrs. Toghill The Parsonage£0 8s 0d
Wm. Smith Esq.Thos. Pinkhouse£0 4s 0d
Blue School LandThe Misses DiggensLate Fletchers land£1 5s 0d
John DiggensMr. John WilliamsHalsey & Peckham£2 12s 0d
Richard DiggersdittoHalsey & Dalys Mead£1 15s 0d
   £97 8s 0d
Signed by us John Pannell, Wm. Spitzer Assessors 21 June 1780