Census and Population

A census has been taken every ten years from 1801. The first four censuses (1801 - 1831) were mainly headcounts and contained little personal information. The 1841 Census was the first to record the names of everyone in a household or institution and from 1851 onward the census shows the stated age and relationship to the head of household for each individual. Only those census over 100 years old are available for use by family historians and can help show family relationships, ages, occupations and place of birth. Currently the last available census is that taken in 1911.

Census YearDateReferenceFoliosNew Fishbourne PopulationEngland and Wales Population
1801    8,892,536
1811    10,164.256
1821    12,000,236
1831    13,896,797
18416th JuneHO107 11006 f4-929515,914,148
185130th MarchHO107 1652f195-20631717,927,609
18617th AprilRG9 618f20-3034120,066,224
18712nd AprilRG10 1112f20-3136222,712,266
18813rd AprilRG11 841f28-3831625,974,439
18915th AprilRG12 1100f37-4532329,002,525
190131st MarchRG13 967f22-3560332,526,075
191127th MarchRG14n/a86336,070,422
192119th JuneRG15n/a89637,885,242
193126th AprilDestroyed in WWIIn/a1,01039,952,377

Note that a change in the parish boundary in 1896 meant that part of St. Bartholomew and St. Peter the Great parishes outside Chichester municipal borough, were added to New Fishbourne and this accounts in part for the increase in population.