PlaceIlford, Essex (1)
Date16 Jan, 1944, 6:20 p.m.
Railway CompanyBritish Rail, Eastern Region
No of Fatalities9
Cause of AccidentSignals passed at danger
Brief description of eventsThe 2:38 p.m. express train from Yarmouth stopped at Ilford after the driver had not seen signals in the fog. The stationary train was then hit by the following train from Norwich which had passed several signals at danger.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingHull Daily Mail, 20 January 1944
ALLEN; Harold; 27; Sqdn-Ldr R.A.F, formerly schoolmaster; Nuneaton; WAR; 1944/Mar Ilford 4a 526
FRESSANGES (Father); George Albert; 36; Roman Catholic priest; Norwich; NFK; 1944/Mar Ilford 4a 478
HALL; Donald; 20; Lieutenant in Duke of Wellington Regt, formerly Accountant clerk; Greenacre, West End, South Cave; ERY; 1944/Mar Ilford 4a 526
HEILGERS; Frank Frederick Alexander; 51; MP for Bury St Edmunds; Wyken Hall, Bardwell; SFK; 1944/Mar Ilford 4a 526
NEWMAN; Peter Alexander; 22; Assistant film production manager; Pembridge-villas, Notting Hill, London; LDN; 1944/Mar Ilford 4a 527
RICE; Walter James; 58; Builder and contractor; Hempstead-rd, Watford; HRT; 1944/Mar Ilford 4a 527
~ 3 other fatalities (US servicemen)