PlaceNorton Fitzwarren, Somerset (1)
Date4 Nov, 1940,
Railway CompanyGreat Western Railway
No of Fatalities27
Cause of AccidentDerailment
Brief description of eventsAccident occurred to the 9:50 p.m. express from Paddington to Penzance via Bristol. After leaving Taunton late due to enemy action in the Bristol area, the train was routed onto relief line to allow passage of a fast newspaper train. The driver misread the signals and did not realise, thought he was on the down main with clear signals ahead (which were intended for the newspaper train) and the train was derailed on catch points.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingHistory of the Great Western Railway, Voll III, pp183
Somerset County Herald, 9 November 1940
Steam World magazine, August 1994 (briefly)
The Railway Accident at Norton Fitzwarren, 1940 (A.R. Kingdom)
ANDREWS; Ernest Frederick; 53; Chief petty officer gunner's mate (navy); Sheffield; WRY; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 782
BALBES; Sidney Simon; 18; Journeyman hairdresser; South Hackney; MDX; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 779
BALL; Valetort Rosevelt; 39; Metropolian Police officer; Bellingham; KEN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 783
BREWER; Frederick Walter ; 45; Show manager for orchestra; Ilford; ESS; AKA ELGAR; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 784
BUTCHER; Ronald; 24; Seaman (navy); Scotland?; SCT; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 783
COLTART; Dora Phyllis (Mrs.); 39; Shortlands; KEN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 784
COLTART; John G. (Dr. ); 43; Senior doctor at Beckenham Hospital; Shortlands; KEN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 784
COUPER; Frank Ralph; 30; Section leader (navy); Bristol; SOM; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 779
DAVIS; Charles A.; 23; Seaman (navy); 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 783
FORWARD; William Henry; 20; Seaman (navy); Kingswood; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 780
HAINING; Gordon K. ; 25; Stoker (navy); stationed at Devonport; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 786
HASELDINE; John Edward; 23; Electrical Articifer (navy); Bristol; SOM; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 782
HEATH; John William; 24; Seaman (navy); Bristol; SOM; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 785
HOCKLEY; Dennis C.; 40; Chief petty officer; Devonport; DEV; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 782
JAMES; Charles Henry; 55; Locomotive driver; Acton; MDX; Passenger on the train; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 781
LEWIS; Archibald Steward; 50; Variety artiste; London W14; LDN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 779
LEWIS; Lucy (Mrs.); 54; London W14; LDN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 779
LOBERG; Alfred Douglas; 21; Press tool maker; Bromley; KEN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 780
LORY; William J.; 35; Metropolian Police officer; Brockley SE4; LDN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 780
RIVETT; James William; 45; Metropolian Police officer; South Chingford; ESS; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 783
ROBINSON; Charles William; 47; Seaman (navy); Greenford; MDX; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 783
ROSE; Douglas Allenby; 22; Seaman (navy); Swansea; GLA; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 786
SEABRIDGE; Walter; 39; Locomotive fireman; Perivale; LDN; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 780
SMITH; Donald C. T.; 23; Soldier; Northolt; MDX; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 786
STINSON; Edward ; 22; Naval writer; Bristol; SOM; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 782
WEATHERHEAD; Cyril; 34; Petty officer; Stratford-on-Avon; WAR; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 785
WILLIS; Mary Elsie Florence (Miss); 20; Insurance clerk; Torquay; DEV; 1940/Dec Taunton 5c 785