PlaceCross Drove Level Crossing, Norfolk (1)
Date1 Jun, 1939, 12 a.m.
Railway CompanyLondon & North Eastern Railway
No of Fatalities4
Cause of AccidentCollision at level crossing
Brief description of eventsThe 11.02 a.m. express passenger train from Hunstanton to Ely struck a lorry loaded with straw on the crossing leading to the train being derailed.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingThe Times, 29th June 1939
The Times, 2nd June 1939
The Times, 6th July 1939
The Times, 6th June 1939
Yorkshire Evening Post, 2nd June 1939
AKRED; Mary (Mrs.); Sandy Lane, Denver; NFK
PICKETT; Lily (Mrs.); 49; 1939/Dec King's Lynn 4b 779
SNELLING; Ethel Beatrice (Miss); Old Brompton Road, London; LDN
STANTON; Winifred (Miss); Greenways, Dersingham; NFK