PlaceAis Gill, West Riding of Yorkshire (1)
Date2 Sep, 1913, a.m.
Railway CompanyMidland Railway
No of Fatalities16
Cause of AccidentRear-end collision
Brief description of eventsGlasgow to London St Pancras train was overloaded (or under powered) and stopped just before the summit due to low steam pressure. The driver of the following train from Inverness missed the warning signal and ran into back of stalled train.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingFoSCL Magazine Aug 2013
History of the Great Western Railway, Vol III, pp28
CARTER; Caroline Mary; 21; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 775a
COCKBURN; John; 47; Buried in Glasgow; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 774
DOUGLAS; Arthur P.; 68; Well known diplomat with service in New Zealand and Egypt; Died later in hospital at Carlisle and is buried at Minsterworth near Gloucester; 1913/Sep Carlisle 10b 640
FARGIE; Whilelmina Wilson; 32; 1913/Sep E Ward 10b 775
GARDNER; William Stark; 23; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 774
LEES; Jessie Annie; 26; Aunt of the Morrison children; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 775
LINDSAY; George M.; 49; Father of Jessie. Died later in hospital at Leeds and buried in London; 1913/Sep Leeds 9b 505
LINDSAY; Jessie; 17; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 776
MORRISON; John Lees; 3; Brother of Muriel and Shalo; 1913/Sep E.Ward 10b 777
MORRISON; Muriel S.; 7; Sister to Shalo and John ; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 776
MORRISON; Shalo Campbell; 5; Brother of Muriel and John; 1913/Sep E.Ward 10b 776
PATTERSON; John; 50; 1913/Sep E.Ward 10b 775
RAGGETT; Alice; 54; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 776
SARGEANT; Iris Claire; 20 - 30; 1913/Sep E.Ward 10b 775
TRAILL; Rebecca; 21; Buried in Yardley, Birmingham; 1913/Sep E Ward 10b 774
WOOD; Katherine; 19; Children’s nurse to the Morrison family; 1913/Sep E. Ward 10b 776