PlaceChelford, Cheshire
Date24 Dec, 1894,
Railway CompanyLondon and North Western Railway
No of Fatalities14
Cause of AccidentCollision
Brief description of eventsStrong winds blew a high-sided wagon into motion, colliding with other wagons being shunted. These wagons were derailed and fouled the up main line just before the arrival of the double-headed 12.15 express from Manchester to Crewe. The pile-up demolished the wagons, the express and the signalbox.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingThe Times, 25 December 1894 p4
ANDREWS, Albert George, 29, stained-glass painter, Manchester, LAN, Son of George Bloodworth ANDREWS, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
ASTBURY, George Henry, 19, Paper merchant, Devonshire St, Astbury, CHS, Brother to John Clark ASTBURY, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
BROMFIELD, Harry, 19, No occupation, Elliott St, Bradford, WRY, Brother of ??, mother lived in Crewe, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
ELLKS, Margaret, 21, Waitress in restaurant, Manchester, LAN, Relative of Frederick LEE, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 134
FRYER, Alice, 24, In service, Eccles, LAN, Sister of George FRYER, Newport SAL, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
HARLEY, Joyce, 12, Highley nr Bridgnorth, SAL, Niece to Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker. Daughter of John HARLEY, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 134
HORTON, William, 46, Engineer, Rochdale, LAN, Brother of Alfred HORTON, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 134
JONES, Frank, 29, Machinist, Jennings St, Edgeley, Stockport, CHS, Married 3-4 months. Brother of William Jones, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
MAXWELL, Eustace George David, 18, U/G Pembroke College, Cambridge, St Silas Vicarage, Handsworth, STS, Nephew of Archdeacon WOOSNAM, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
PILCHER, William Henry, 28, Articled clerk to a chartered accountant, Chester Road, Old Trafford, LAN, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 133
WHITTAKER, Charlotte, 46, Pendleton, LAN, Sister of Harriet GRAHAM. Wife of Levi, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 134
WHITTAKER, Levi, 56, Beerhouse keeper, Pendleton, LAN, Husband of Charlotte, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 134
WOOLRICH, Lizzie, 27m, Oakengates, SAL, Daughter of Richard WOOLRICH, 1895/Mar Macclesfield 8a 134
~ 1 other unknown, may be a small child.