PlaceBalshaw Lane Crossing, Lancashire
Date7 Jan, 1891, 06.12 a.m.
Railway CompanyLondon and North Western Railway
No of Fatalities1
Cause of AccidentDouble collision caused by broken coupling.
Brief description of eventsWaggons of an up goods train became separated from the engine and tender. The waggons then overtook and then ran into the engine and tender which had been brought to a stand. Some of the waggons then fouled the down line and were then run into by the midnight down passenger train from Euston. The fireman of the goods engine had got off his engine so as to find out why the signals were at danger, was struck by the passenger train.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingManchester Times, 09 January 1891
ALLEN; James; 28; Locomotive fireman (of the goods train) ; Liverpool; LAN; 1891/Mar Chorley 8e 378