PlaceTay Bridge, Firth of Tay, Dundee, Angus (1)
Date28 Dec, 1879, 7.15 p.m.
Railway CompanyNorth British Railway
No of Fatalities75
Cause of AccidentCollapse of bridge
Brief description of eventsA gale estimated at force 10 or 11 was blowing down the Tay estuary that night (not an uncommon event). The inquiry concluded that the bridge was not built strong enough to take the strain of the strong winds. Several of the spans gave way and the train of six carriages fell into the waters of the Tay.
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ANDERSON; Joseph; 21; Compositor; 13 South Ellen Street, Dundee; ANS
ANNAN; Thomas; 20; Iron turner; 48 Princes Street, Dundee; ANS
BAIN; Archibald; 26; Farmer; Mains of Balgay, Dundee; ANS
BAIN; Jessie; 22; Sister of above; Mains of Balgay, Dundee; ANS
BENYON; William H; Photographer; Cheltenham; GLS
BROWN; Lizzie; 14; Tobacco spinner; 28 Arbroath Road, Dundee; ANS
CHEAP; Mrs; 51; Domestic Servant; 121 High Street, Lochee; ANS
CRICHTON; James; Ploughman; Mains of Fintry, Dundee; ANS
CRUICKSHANK; Annie; 54; Domestic Servant; Moray Place, Edinburgh; MLN
CULROSS; Robert; Carpenter; Newport
CUNNINGHAM; David; 21; Mason; 23 Pitalpin Street, Lochee; ANS
DAVIDSON; Thomas; 28; Farm servant; Linlathen, Dundee; ANS
EASTON; Mrs; Widow
FOWLIS; Robert; 21; Mason; 23 Pitalpin Street, Lochee; ANS
GRAHAM; David; 37; Teacher; Stirling; STI
HAMILTON; John; 32; Grocer; 16 North Ellen Street, Dundee; ANS
HENDERSON; James; 22; Labourer; 3 Church Street, Dundee; ANS
HENDRY; Elizabeth; 62; Prior Road, Forfar; ANS
JACK; William H; Grocer; 57 Mains Road, Dundee; ANS
JOBSON; David; 39; Oil and colour merchant; 3 Airlie Place, Dundee; ANS
JOHNSTON; David; 24; Railway Guard; Edinburgh; MLN
JOHNSTON; George; 25; Mechanic
KINNEAR; Margaret; 17; Domestic Servant; 6 Shore Terrace, Dundee; ANS
LAWSON; John; 25; Plasterer; 39 Lilybank Road, Dundee; ANS
LESLIE; James; 22; Clerk; Baffin Street, Dundee; ANS
MACDONALD; David; 11; Schoolboy; 70 Blackness Road, Dundee; ANS
MACDONALD; William; 41; Sawmiller; 70 Blackness Road, Dundee; ANS
MARSHALL; John; 24; Stoker; 18 Hunter Street, Dundee; ANS
MCBEATH; David; 44; Railway Guard; 46 Castle Street, Dundee; ANS
MCINTOSH; George; 43; Goods Guard; 25 Hawkhill, Dundee; ANS
MILLAR; James; Flax Dresser; Dysart, Dundee; ANS
MILNE; Elizabeth; Dressmaker
MITCHELL; David; 37; Engine Driver; 89 Peddie Street, Dundee; ANS
MURDOCH; James; 21; Engineer; 1 Thistle Street, Dundee; ANS
MURRAY; Donald; 49; Mail Guard; 13 South Ellen Street, Dundee; ANS
NEILSON; William; 31; 53 Monk Street, Gateshead; DUR
NEISH; Bella; 5; Daughter of David Neish; 51 Coupar Street, Lochee; ANS
NEISH; David; 37; Teacher and Registrar; 51 Coupar Street, Lochee; ANS
NEISH; Walter; 24; Saddler; 4 Bain Square, Wellgate, Dundee; ANS
NESS; George; 21; Engine Cleaner; Ogilvy Street, Tayport; FIF
NICOLL; Mrs Elizabeth; 24; 46 Bell Street, Dundee; ANS
PATON; James; 42; Mechanic; Edinburgh; MLN
PEEBLES; James; 15; Apprentice Grocer; Newport
PEEBLES; William; 30-40
ROBERTSON; Alexander; 23; Labourer; 100 Foundry Lane, Dundee; ANS
ROBERTSON; William; 21; Labourer; 100 Foundry Lane, Dundee; ANS
SALMOND; Peter; 43; Blacksmith; 50 Princes Street, Dundee; ANS
SCOTT; David; 26; Goods Guard; 7 Yeaman Shore, Dundee; ANS
SCOTT; John; 30; Pipe Maker
SHARP; John; 35; Joiner; 76 Commercial Street, Dundee; ANS
SMART; Elizabeth; 22; Domestic Servant; Union Mount, Perth Road, Dundee; ANS
SPENCE; Annie; 21; Weaver; 62 Kemback Street, Dundee; ANS
SYME; David; 22; Clerk; Royal Hotel, Nethergate, Dundee; ANS
TAYLOR; George; 25; Mason; 56 Union Street, Dundee; ANS
THRELFELL; Wiliam; 18; Confectioner; 9 Union Street, Dundee; ANS
VEITCH; William; 18; Cabinetmaker; 39 Church Street, Dundee; ANS
WATSON; David; 9; 12 Lawrence Street, Dundee; ANS; Son of Mr Watson
WATSON; David; Commission Agent; Newport
WATSON; Robert; 34; Moulder; 12 Lawrence Street, Dundee; ANS
WATSON; Robert; 6; 12 Lawrence Street, Dundee; ANS; Son of Mr Watson
~ 18 others