PlaceRadstock (Foxcote), Somerset (1)
Date7 Aug, 1876, just after midnight
Railway CompanySomerset & Dorset Joint Committee (LSW/Mid) Railway
No of Fatalities15
Cause of AccidentHead-on collision of two trains on single line.
Brief description of eventsExtra workings not in the working timetable, insufficient communication, poorly trained, inexperienced staff led to two trains set on a collision course on a heavily used single line.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingA Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain (West Country), D. St. J. Thomas (1960)
Red for Danger, L.T.C. Rolt (Sutton Publishing)
The Bath Chronicle, 10th August 1876 (and the following five issues)
The Somerset & Dorset Railway, D. S. Barrie and C. R. Clinker (1948)
The Somerset Guardian, ?? 1862
CHIVERS; Anna Maria; 38; Radstock; SOM; Brother in law, George Tucker
GODFREY; Mrs; Radstock; SOM
GODFREY; William; "boots" at the Bell Hotel; Radstock; SOM
GOULDING; Mrs.; Radstock; SOM
GOULDING; William; cellarman at the Bell Hotel; Radstock; SOM
n/k; Train guard; Guard of the train from Bath
SAUNDERS; George; cellarman at the Bell Hotel; Radstock; SOM
SAUNDERS; Mrs.; Radstock; SOM
~ 6 others; Including an 8 week old baby and his mother and 4 others, all residents of the Radstock area.