PlaceSutton Tunnel, nr Frodsham, Lancashire (1)
Date30 Apr, 1851, 8.00 p.m.
Railway CompanyBirkenhead, Lancashire & Cheshire Junction Railway
No of Fatalities8
Cause of AccidentCollision
Brief description of eventsRace day at Chester. Trains were heavily loaded. Three trains were dispatched under the time interval system. The first came to a stand in the tunnel owing to slippery rails and/or overloading. The second train hit this train without damage, the third train then hit the second at some speed.
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ANDERSON; Henry; 28 or 32; Paperhanger; Hulme, Manchester; LAN
DAVIDSON; Job; 40; Salesman; Manchester; LAN; Head of hosiery at Bannerman and Sons, Manchester
HOOKER; Mr.; Assistant surveyor, Manchester paving department; Died of injuries.
NAPIER; Joseph C.; J. C. Napier & Co. Manufacturers and Printers; 42 George St, Manchester; LAN
NEWELL; James; 15; Shoemaker; Over Whitley; CHS; Brother of Thomas Newell
RIDGWAY; Mrs.; "A lady of fortune"; Ridgemount, Bolton; LAN; Sister of Agnes WETTENHALL
VESTY; Thomas; 30; Dyer; Manchester; LAN; Left a wife and family. Died of injuries.
WETTENHALL; Agnes; 50; Ridgmont, nr Horwich; LAN; Widow of Major Joseph Ridgway and had one child. Sister of Mrs, Ridgway and William Clarke; 1851/Jun Runcorn XIX 188
WILSON; John; 60; Wine and spirit merchant; Newton le Willows; LAN; Died of injuries. Left no family