PlaceRiver Dee Bridge, Chester (St. Mary-on-the-Hill), Cheshire (1)
Date24 May, 1847, p.m.
Railway CompanyChester and Shrewsbury Railway/Chester and Holyhead Railway
No of Fatalities5
Cause of AccidentCollapse of bridge
Brief description of eventsThe 6.15 p.m. Chester to Holyhead train was crossing a cast iron bridge when a span collapsed. The accident brought into question the safety of cast iron.
Source/Bibliography/Further ReadingHistory of the Great Western Railway, Vol I 1833 - 1863 pp 178, E.T. MacDermott (revised by C.R. Clinker)
The Times, 27 May 1847 p5
The Times, 29 May 1847 p8
ANDERSON; Thomas; Locomotive fireman; died of injuries
MATTHEWS; John; Llangollen; DEN
NEVITT; Charles; Wrexham; DEN
POWIS; Isaac; Wrexham; DEN; died of injuries
ROBERTS; George; Train guard