SurnameFirst NameAgeResidenceOccupationLink to page
WADDELL Thomas Russell 27 Wellington Sq., Ayr Solicitor More info
WADE John Preston Locomotive Fireman More info
WADEY James Joseph 28 Army Staff Sergeant More info
WALKER Samuel 17 Sheffield More info
WALLACE Stanley Belfast Road, Bangor and Blessington Street, Dubli More info
WALLACE William J. Railway View Street, Bangor More info
WALLER George 48 Bamford Street, Sheffield More info
WALWORTH Thomas 46 More info
WARD Lindsay Margaret 19 Gunters Lane, Bexhill-on-sea More info
WARD Percival Bernard Palfrey Close, St. Albans More info
WARD Robert 50 Cherry Street, Lakenham Colour-sergeant West Norfolk Militia More info
WARING John 26 Ellistown Railway platelayer More info
WARK Andrew Alexander 3 Highgate More info
WARK Margaret Reyburn C. 3 Highgate More info
WARK Thomas Cuthbertson 10 Highgate More info
WARWICK Harold Elton 40 Engine cleaner More info
WATERS George More info
WATKINS George 24 Pensbrig Street, Wandsworth Road Labourer More info
WATSON David 9 12 Lawrence Street, Dundee More info
WATSON David Newport Commission Agent More info
WATSON Herbert Penrith Railway guard More info
WATSON Joyce 48 Chartfield Avenue, Putney, London S.W. More info
WATSON Robert 34 12 Lawrence Street, Dundee Moulder More info
WATSON Robert 6 12 Lawrence Street, Dundee More info
WAUGH Stanley Taylor 17 71, Avondale Road, Southport More info
WEATHERHEAD Cyril 34 Stratford-on-Avon Petty officer More info
WELLS Rainald 51 Northway, London NW1 More info
WELSH Thomas Bannockburn surfaceman (coal mining) More info
WEST William Alfred 62 Train driver More info
WESTON Henry 33 Prince's End, Tipton Labourer More info
WESTON William Roper Marlborough Place Surveyor-General of Customs More info
WETTENHALL Agnes 50 Ridgmont, nr Horwich More info
WHITAKER Fanny Elizabeth 29 Breckamore, Ripon More info
WHITE Edith (Mrs.) 55 West Street, Bircotes More info
WHITE Harold Arthur 75 Bollo Lane, Chiswick, London W. More info
White Henry 65 More info
WHITE John J. 46 Worthing Road, Dagenham Trainer of plasterers More info
WHITE Mary Oxford More info
WHITEHEAD Esther Matilda 59 Leicester More info
WHITEHEAD Richard 59 Leicester More info
WHITFIELD F. R. Traveller for George ANDERSON and Co, Taymouth works, Carnoustie More info
WHITTAKER Charlotte 46 Pendleton More info
WHITTAKER Levi 56 Pendleton Beerhouse keeper More info
WHITTARD Walter H. 64 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London S.W. More info
WILDING Joanna W. 24 Mansion Avenue, Whitefield, Manchester More info
WILKINSON F. Railway goods guard More info
WILKINSON William Train driver More info
WILLIAMS Dianna Rye Student at Thomas Peacocke, now Rye College More info
WILLIAMS Humphrey London More info
WILLIAMS Mabel Lillian Daisy 69 Henderson Court, Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead Ave More info
WILLIAMS Ronald E. 24 Downderry Road, Bromley More info
WILLIAMS Samuel 48 Ganger More info
WILLIAMS Thomas Train driver More info
WILLIS Mary Elsie Florence (Miss) 20 Torquay Insurance clerk More info
WILSDON Robert 33 Train driver More info
WILSON C. (Mrs.) More info
WILSON David 22 More info
WILSON Jane (Mrs.) 25 Glossop More info
WILSON John 60 Newton le Willows Wine and spirit merchant More info
WILSON Olive 44 Sidney Street, Swinton, Mexborough More info
WILSON Samuel Clandeboye Road, Bangor More info
WILSON Willie 44 Sidney Street, Swinton, Mexborough More info
WILTSHIRE Edwin Manservant to General Sir Alexander Mackensie More info
WINGROVE William 79 2 York Cottages, Parkdale, Plumstead bootmaker More info
WINMILL Thomas labourer More info
WITHERS Alexander Station master More info
WOLFE William 27 Rugby Locomotive fireman More info
WOLSTENHULME George 19 Church Street, Royton Piecer More info
WOMACK George Robert 38 Dove Street, Norwich clothier More info
WOOD Charles Carnoustie Storekeeper More info
WOOD Ernest J. 28 Tonbridge More info
WOOD John Arbroath Newsboy More info
WOOD Katherine 19 Children’s nurse to the Morrison family More info
WOOD William 67 West Street, Oldham More info
WOODHEAD J.P. Ashton-on-Mersey Fire insurance assessor More info
WOODHOUSE Richard 27 Lower Kenziels, Annan Naval reservist More info
WOOLMAN Harry 43 The Nurseries, Shirley, Birmingham More info
WOOLRICH Lizzie 27m Oakengates More info
WRIGHT Annie 6 Halsall lane, Formby More info
WRIGHT Jane (Miss) 17 Halsall Lane, Formby More info
WYARD Wilmer T. 75 Beacon Hill, Cliff Road, Hythe, Kent More info