SurnameFirst NameAgeResidenceOccupationLink to page
SALMOND Peter 43 50 Princes Street, Dundee Blacksmith More info
SANDERSON James More info
SAUNDERS George Radstock cellarman at the Bell Hotel More info
SAUNDERS Mrs. Radstock More info
SAVOURY John P. 40 Socker in the Customs More info
SCAITE Thomas 28 Train fireman More info
SCHOENE Hermann 25 More info
SCHOFIELD Archibald 48 Kimberley House, Ackworth Road, Pontefract Was alderman of Pontefract More info
SCHOFIELD Lewis Representative of the Superheater Company More info
SCOTT David 26 7 Yeaman Shore, Dundee Goods Guard More info
SCOTT Francis William Locomotive driver (of troop train) More info
SCOTT John 30 Pipe Maker More info
SCOVELL Kathleen More info
SCOVELL Whitmore More info
SELF Norman S. 19 Southgate More info
SELLINGS Geoffrey 19 H.M.S Hardy, Royal Navy Naval cook More info
SHAND Alexander Journalist, connected to the “Dundee Courier” More info
SHARP John 35 76 Commercial Street, Dundee Joiner More info
SHAW Joseph Birmingham More info
SHELDON Harry T. 46 More info
SHELMERDINE William Platelayer More info
SHENTON Ethel 45 Stoke-on-Trent More info
SHEPHERD Sophia (Mrs.) 55 Swinton nr Rotherham More info
SHERRATT John Simpson 40 Former secretary of the Lichfield and Birmingham Railway Company More info
SHERWOOD Horace Victor 53 Milton Locks, Portsmouth Train driver More info
SHORROCK Harriet 57 More info
SHORROCK John 65 More info
SHOULDERS William Railway greaser More info
SIVETTER Thomas More info
SKELDON Benjamin Prince's End, Tipton Baker and provisions dealer More info
SKELDON Harriet Prince's End, Tipton More info
SKELDON John 17 Prince's End, Tipton More info
SMART Elizabeth 22 Union Mount, Perth Road, Dundee Domestic Servant More info
SMITH Donald C. T. 23 Northolt Soldier More info
SMITH Edward More info
SMITH Henry 50 More info
SMITH Michael 2 Whitehall Hotel, Bloomsbury Square, London W.C. More info
SMITH Robert Dukinfield Platelayer More info
SMITH Wendy (Mrs.) 38 Whitehall Hotel, Bloomsbury Square, London W.C. More info
SMITH William More info
SNELLING Ethel Beatrice (Miss) Old Brompton Road, London More info
SPENCE Annie 21 62 Kemback Street, Dundee Weaver More info
SPENCER Richard 21 Woodhurst Road, Abbey Wood. London S.E. Student at Thomas Peacocke, now Rye College More info
SPRATLEY Miss More info
SPRIGGS James R. Assistant railway shunter More info
STAINFORD Locomotive driver More info
STANTON Winifred (Miss) Greenways, Dersingham More info
STATHAM Walter 36 Yardley Wood Road, Warstock, Birmingham More info
STEAD More info
STEARN Caroline More info
STEELE William Commercial Traveller, connected to the “Dundee Courier" More info
STEVENS Louis 9 Schoolchild More info
STEWART James 50 Morecombe Potato dealer More info
STEWART Rosemary 22 Fairmead Road, Upper Holloway, London N More info
STINSON Edward 22 Bristol Naval writer More info
STITT John 47 More info
STONE George 53 Wrenthorpe Vale, Clifton Estate Train driver More info
STONE William 12 News-boy More info
STOOKS Maggie More info
STRAFFORD Elizabeth More info
SUMMERBY Thomas 18 Grantham More info
SURRIDGE George W. Railway shunter More info
SWABY Sidney 55 Train driver More info
SWANSON William 35 Strathaven Train guard More info
SWEENEY Dalton 28 North Road, West Bridgford Trian guard More info
SWINDELL Isaac 50 Brasssington Railway labourer More info
SYLVESTER Edward Oxford More info
SYME David 22 Royal Hotel, Nethergate, Dundee Clerk More info
SYMES Louisa More info