SurnameFirst NameAgeResidenceOccupationLink to page
MACARTHUR James Brakesman More info
MACDONALD David 11 70 Blackness Road, Dundee Schoolboy More info
MACDONALD William 41 70 Blackness Road, Dundee Sawmiller More info
MACGREGOR Alexander R. 45 Stone Cottage, Camden Park, Tonbridge Government export advisor More info
MACKAY Donald 30 London More info
MACKAY Hugh 28 London More info
MACKINSON Thomas 23 Graduate of Magdalen Hall, Oxford More info
MACNALLY Christopher Dublin Solicitor More info
MAHONEY Michael Manservant to John LEARY of Cork More info
MAHONY Daniel More info
MAIR Andrew Thomas 29 Prestwick More info
MALPASS Harry F. 42 14 Stonells Road, Battersea More info
MANDER Michael 19 Park Lane, Sheffield More info
MARKLAND David Locomotive driver More info
MARKLEW Edward 64 Handsacre Labourer More info
MARSH Thomas W. 58 Dryhill Park Road, Tonbridge More info
MARSHALL Henry 36 Worcester Boatman More info
MARSHALL John 24 18 Hunter Street, Dundee Stoker More info
MARTIN A. Railway driver (motorman) More info
MARTIN Mrs. More info
MARTIN Sam 54 Train driver More info
MARTIN Sarah Elizabeth 41 Longwood Avenue, Bingley More info
MASKENS Eileen Mary (Miss) 17 Roundtable Road, Downham, Kent More info
MATHER Locomotive fireman More info
MATTHEWS Anthony D. 23 Neville Court, Tunbridge Wells More info
MATTHEWS Edward Coseley Puddler More info
MATTHEWS John Llangollen More info
MATTHEWS William Porter More info
MATTINGLEY P.R. Permanent-way labourer More info
MAXTED John 19 Locomotive fireman More info
MAXWELL Archibald B H 22 London More info
MAXWELL Eustace George David 18 St Silas Vicarage, Handsworth U/G Pembroke College, Cambridge More info
MAXWELL-LAWFORD Francis Anthony 42 Victoria Street, London Late Captain in The Suffolk Regiment More info
MAXWELL-LAWFORD Ruth M. 32 More info
MAY Oswald P. J. 17 East Court, Chelsea More info
MCBEATH David 44 46 Castle Street, Dundee Railway Guard More info
MCCORMICK William 30 Kirkcowan Railway guard More info
MCCRORY Daniel 46 River Row Railway worker More info
MCCRORY John 51 Mullaghmore Railway worker More info
MCDONALD James Ferguson 48 London Jeweller More info
MCFARLANE William Glasgow of Messrs Jno. GRAY and C More info
MCGAUGE Mr. More info
MCGREGOR Ronald D. 40 Great Road, Hildenborough, Kent More info
MCINTOSH George 43 25 Hawkhill, Dundee Goods Guard More info
MCJERROW Cristo 35 London More info
MCKENZIE Robert 27 Train fireman More info
MCKINNA Catherine Louisa 5m Arnley More info
MCKINNA Sarah (Mrs.) 35 Arnley Beerhouse keeper More info
MCLEOD Duncan Alexander 30 Soldier More info
MCMEEKIN John Demesne Avenue, Bangor More info
MCMURRAY Mary Ann More info
MCPHERSON-HEARD Juliet W. 20 Linden Cottage, Mill Hill, London N.W. More info
MCSWINEY Daniel More info
MCSWINEY Mrs More info
MEADOWS Edwin 55 Train driver More info
MEARS Harold E. 56 Topsham Road, Laindon More info
MEASURES George R 66 50 Woodbourne Avenue, Streatham More info
MEYERS George Alfred 26 Tadworth Road, Neasdon, London N.W. More info
MIAGINS William 43 Locomotive driver More info
MICKLESON Thomas Railway Gate Keeper More info
Middleton Elizabeth(Mrs.) 35 3 Court, 4 House, George Street, Sheffield More info
MIDDLETON Janet (Mrs.) 51 Glossop More info
MIDDLETON Robert Manchester Commercial traveller More info
Middleton Walter 1 3 Court, 4 House, George Street, Sheffield More info
MILLAR James Dysart, Dundee Flax Dresser More info
MILLER J. 63 Rochester Engine fitter More info
MILLER Roger Woods 30 Secretary of the Ragged School in London More info
MILLS Francis Furnace man at Bloomfield Iron works More info
MILLS Helen 41 Queen Street, Royton More info
MILNE Elizabeth Dressmaker More info
MILNE Frank 17 Sandy Lane, Royton Factory operative More info
MILNER John Railway pointsman More info
MINDENHALL Susannah 35 South Teddington More info
MINNETTE Alice 23 Children's Nurse More info
MITCHELL Arthur 14 Hawkcliffe House, Keighley More info
Mitchell Arthur 29 Brightside More info
MITCHELL Caroline (Miss) 16 Hawkcliffe House, Keighley More info
MITCHELL David 37 89 Peddie Street, Dundee Engine Driver More info
MITCHELL Henry 20 Hawkcliffe House, Keighley More info
Mitchell Mary 24 More info
MOIR Rosa Isabel (Mrs.) 35 27, Balfour Road, Southport More info
MOODY Martha 68 More info
MOORE Charles 18 Beddingham Labourer More info
MOORE George Windmill Road, Bangor More info
MOORE Richard 30 Prince's End, Tipton More info
MOORS Richard 59 Chadderton near Oldham More info
MORAN Martin 50 Huddersfield Road, Oldham More info
MORGAN William H. 46 South Wales Miners' Federation More info
MORLEY John 21 Grantham More info
MORLEY Robert N. 59 Bordyke. Tonbridge More info
MORRIS Albert Kenilworth Commercial traveller More info
MORRIS Martha Ann 56 Dolcliffe Road, Mexborough More info
MORRIS Thomas Ernest 63 Winchester Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton Locomotive Driver More info
MORRISON John Lees 3 More info
MORRISON Muriel S. 7 More info
MORRISON Shalo Campbell 5 More info
MORTIMER Aubrey 42 Glenwood Avenue, Baildon, Bradford Railway Permanent Way Inspector More info
MUIR John H. Summerhill Park, Bangor More info
MULLIGAN Una Falcarragh More info
MURDOCH James 21 1 Thistle Street, Dundee Engineer More info
MURE Thomas 35 More info
MURPHY Timothy Labourer More info
MURRAY Donald 49 13 South Ellen Street, Dundee Mail Guard More info
MURRAY Marianne Elizabeth (Miss) 27 Mariander Lane, Norwich More info
MUSHAM Nora Loiusa (Miss) 27 38, Kent Road, Birkdale More info
MUSSON Edward Horncastle Railway shunter More info