SurnameFirst NameAgeResidenceOccupationLink to page
HADATH Edwin 64 Soutergate, Ulverston Accountant and Property Agent More info
HAINING Gordon K. 25 Stoker (navy) More info
HAISELL Bridget T. 37 More info
HAISELL Frank C. 38 police constable More info
Hale Jane 38 Warburton Square, Sheffield More info
HALL Donald 20 Greenacre, West End, South Cave Lieutenant in Duke of Wellington Regt, formerly Accountant clerk More info
HALLAS Brian H. 34 Bentham Hill, Southborough Partner in a plastic manufacturing firm More info
HALLIWELL Edward Preston Brook Cash-keeper to the Duke of Bridgewater's dock and warehouse More info
HALLOWS Joseph 38 Middleton Railway labourer More info
HALLOWS William 26 More info
HALLS Margaret E. 42 More info
HALSEY William J. 58 St. Annes Road, Dymchurch More info
HALSTEAD Walter C. N. 49 Wickham Grove, West Wickham Worked for Minister of Supply More info
HAMILTON John 32 16 North Ellen Street, Dundee Grocer More info
HAMILTON Peter S. 43 More info
HANNAH James Locomotive fireman (of troop train) More info
HARDMAN Alfred 64 Train driver More info
HARDWICK Julia H. 28 Mayfield Road, Tunbridge Wells More info
HARDWICK Marion Gay 23 Mayfield Road, Tunbridge Wells More info
HARDY Louisa 36 Perth Street, Lancaster More info
HARDY Mr. Perth Street, Lancaster More info
Hardy William 42 Thornhill, Masborough More info
HARLEY Ann (Mrs.) Dudley More info
HARLEY Joyce 12 Highley nr Bridgnorth More info
HARPER John Howard Bilston More info
HARRIGAN Ceinwen 43 Edward Street, Merthyr Tydfil More info
HARRIS Florence Ada 36 Persant Road, London SE6 More info
HARRIS Thomas 39 South Wales Miners' Federation More info
HARRISON Jean E. 5 Stanley St, Bloxwich More info
HARRISON John A. 10 Stanley St, Bloxwich More info
HARVEY C. Morton Hazeldene Park, Bangor More info
HARVEY Frank 19 Rochdale Road, Royton Factory operative More info
HASELDINE John Edward 23 Bristol Electrical Articifer (navy) More info
HASTINGS W 59 Ardilea Clough Landowner More info
HATCH Jessie C. 51 Folkestone More info
HATTON Helen W. 39 Dover More info
HAW Adeleine 58 Park Grove, York shorthand typist More info
HAWKES Charles Edward 29 12 Aughton Road, Birkdale worked for Messrs. Hawker, Sommerville, and Son. Liverpool. More info
HAWKINS Herbert 45 Metal Bridge Railway ganger More info
Hawksworth Daniel 55 91 Leadmill Road, Sheffield More info
HAWLEY John William Train fireman More info
HAWSON Alexander Church Street, Bangor More info
HAWTHORN James Arthur Street, Conlig More info
HAYCRAFT Charles 23 Rock Robin Farm, Wadhurst More info
HAYWOOD James 20 Shaw Road, Royton Factory operative More info
HAZARD Jacqueline A. (Mrs.) 20 Acorn Drive, Nottingham More info
HEATH John William 24 Bristol Seaman (navy) More info
HEAVER Percy Herbert 51 Harold Street, Dover More info
HEFFERNAN Christine 9 Schoolchild More info
HEILGERS Frank Frederick Alexander 51 Wyken Hall, Bardwell MP for Bury St Edmunds More info
HEIR Robert H. 49 Train driver More info
HENDERSON James 22 3 Church Street, Dundee Labourer More info
HENDRY Elizabeth 62 Prior Road, Forfar More info
HENNING Josephine E. H. 32 Ewhurst Road, London SE1 More info
HEPPENSTALL Gillian Mary 29 Mark Cross More info
HERRON Robert 69 Train driver More info
HETHERINGTON George 35 More info
HEYS Mary 51 Haslingden More info
HICKS William J. N. 34 West Dene Avenue, Lee, London SE More info
HIGGINS Cormack 37 Train fireman More info
HIGGINSON Edward Gordon Forbes 56 stockbroker More info
HIGHET John 41 London More info
HILDRICK Mary (Mrs.) Prince's End, Tipton More info
HILL Henry Leicester More info
HILLS Matthew 58 Church Lane, Beeding Agricultural labourer More info
HILTON Irvine 9 More info
HILTON John H. 55 Chef and licensee of Charnwood Restaurant, Blyth, NTT More info
HILTON Sheena 13 More info
HILTON Stewart 8 More info
HIMSWORTH Harold Fryer 46 Ings Road, Hull assistant marine superintendent More info
HOCKLEY Dennis C. 40 Devonport Chief petty officer More info
HODGES Thomas I. 9 Ferndale More info
HODGKIN James More info
HOLDEN John 50 More info
HOLMAN Maurice 47 Train driver More info
HOLME Elizabeth Ryde More info
HOLMES Joseph More info
HOLT Thomas 18 Market Street, Royton Factory operative More info
HOLWELLS (HOWELLS) William A. 58 More info
HOOKER Mr. Assistant surveyor, Manchester paving department More info
HOPE Joseph 53 Monton. Eccles More info
HORTON John (Jack) 33 Train fireman More info
HORTON William 46 Rochdale Engineer More info
HOUGHTON John Bispam Sawyer More info
HOULDEN Thomas Ninepenny row, Penny street Boatman More info
HOWARD Thos. 15 9 Willow Grove, Formby bookbinders apprentice More info
HOWELL John T. A. 30 locomotive fireman More info
HUBBARD Barbara N. (Miss) 20 Eden Way, Beckenham More info
HUDSON Henry Train driver More info
HUDSPITH Robert 17 More info
HUGALL Joseph Penrith Railway guard More info
HUGHES John Thomas London More info
HUMPHRIES Alfred 40 Sherwood Terrace, Bushbury Lane, Bushberry Train driver More info
HUMPHRIES Sidney J. 47 Vale Road, Tonbridge More info
HUNTER Adam Hawick More info
HUPTON Job John 45 Great Yarmouth More info
HUSKISSON William 60 Member of Parliament for Liverpool More info
HUTCHINSON Fred 55 Hett Mill Railway length-man More info
HUXTABLE George D. 50 Brookside Way, Shirley, Croydon More info