SurnameFirst NameAgeResidenceOccupationLink to page
CABLE Frederick Henry 24 Purleigh railway platelayer More info
CABORN Frederick 45 Meadow Lane, Nottingham Train driver More info
CAESER Charles Egham More info
CAIN John 67 Lorry driver More info
CAINS James 32 Elephant Inn, Broadfield labourer More info
Calow Frederick 36 More info
Calow Mary 35 More info
CANBY Bertie J. S. 59 63 Market-place, Hull Tobacconist More info
CANNON Dorothy V. 57 Priory Road, Hampton More info
CARGILL nr Newcastle Farmer More info
CARR Joyce Kathleen 31 Cliff Gardens, Minster More info
CARRIER William 14 Bletchley More info
CARROL Elizabeth More info
CARTER Caroline Mary 21 More info
CARTER Charlotte 25 Cromwell Road, Brighton More info
CARTER Frederick 35 Willans Avenue, Rothwell Haigh More info
CARTER George Wavertree Railway employee More info
CARTER Maurice 3 Willans Avenue, Rothwell Haigh More info
CARTWRIGHT Richard Launton More info
CASSELL Frederick 46 Militia Barracks, Norwich Sergeant-Major West Norfolk Militia More info
CASSIDY John 48 Deerpark Railway worker More info
CATHRO James Arbroath Ironmonger More info
CATLEY Mr. Shap Schoolmaster More info
CAVANAGH William More info
CHADWICK Joseph 30 Train driver More info
CHALLIS Elaine S. 8 More info
CHALMERS Fen Drayton Railway engine cleaner More info
CHAMBERS George More info
CHANDLER Miss. Lillian More info
CHARLES Rowland E. 63 Train driver More info
CHARLESWORTH Frederick 35 Keswick Road, West Wickham More info
CHARLTON Kathleen 73 Bollo Lane, Chiswick, London W. More info
CHATFIELD Mary (Mrs.) 73 More info
CHATFIELD Sarah (Miss) 33 More info
CHEAP Mrs 51 121 High Street, Lochee Domestic Servant More info
CHEESEMAN F. W. Folkestone More info
CHEETHAM Elizabeth Ellen 19 Brow girl at Ravenshead Colliery More info
CHENEY William 30 Stoughton Street, Leicester Railway platelayer More info
CHEVALLIER Veronica B. 34 Eamont Street, St John's Wood, London N.W. More info
CHICK Sydney Train fireman More info
CHINNERY Lady More info
CHINNERY Rev Sir Nicholas More info
CHITTY David 2 London More info
CHIVERS Anna Maria 38 Radstock More info
CHRISTIE James Arbroath Grocer More info
CLAPHAM John 43 Railway permanent way watchman (platelayer) More info
CLARK Samuel Bilston More info
CLARKE Anthony J. 23 More info
CLARKE Catherine 10 Birmingham More info
CLARKE Thomas 40 Lowestoft engine driver Great Eastern Railway More info
CLARKE Walter T. 14 Farm labourer More info
CLEARY John 55 Drumshanley Railway worker More info
CLEAVER Stanley J. 41 More info
CLIFFE Harry 40 Train guard More info
CLIFT Albert Kenneth 19 Nexel Road. London SE6 Private (army) More info
CLIFTON John 23 Silk mercer More info
CLOSE Kathleen A. 24 Lansdowne Place, Hove Dress designer More info
CLOSE Pauline Beatrice 16 Lansdowne Place, Hove Recently left Brighton High School for Girls More info
CLOWES Dennis 60 Deans Farm, Gawsworth, Macclesfield Cattle Dealer More info
CLOWES Evelyn (Mrs.) 55 Deans Farm, Gawsworth, Macclesfield More info
COATS Alexander Dalmeny St, Edinburgh More info
COATS Robert Edinburgh Railway employee More info
COCKBURN John 47 More info
CODD William Grantham More info
COLTART Dora Phyllis (Mrs.) 39 Shortlands More info
COLTART John G. (Dr. ) 43 Shortlands Senior doctor at Beckenham Hospital More info
CONEY Mary Ann 61 More info
CONNELL Thomas More info
COOK Gladys 18 Oak Street, Tydesley More info
COOLEY Charles John unknown More info
COOMBS Thomas 53 Christchurch Road, Ashford, Kent More info
COOPE Arthur Train driver More info
COOTE Charlotte (Mrs.) 40 20, Archibald-street, Campbell-row, Bow More info
COPE John 18 More info
COPPARD Roy Reginald 28 Kentish Mansions, London Road, Tunbridge Wells More info
CORBIN Mrs. More info
CORKERY David 31 Ewins Street, Stafford Road, Wolverhampton Locomotive Fireman More info
COSSETT Mr. More info
COUPER Frank Ralph 30 Bristol Section leader (navy) More info
COVENEY Eric G. 64 Eckington House, South Tottenham, London N. More info
COWAP Thomas 29 Chester Railway brakesman More info
COWING Annie 30 More info
COX L.A. Train driver More info
CRAFT Frederick Alfred 31 Woolwich Railway Inspector More info
CRAGG More info
CRAMER Ronald Montague 21 Army Sergeant More info
CRAWFORD George Ballycopeland, Millisle More info
CRAWFORD John 37 Derby Joiner More info
CREAMER John Train guard More info
CREED Fred Holborn Avenue, Bangor More info
CRESSWELL Jack 48 Highfield Drive, Monfield, Eccles Railway employee More info
CRETKOVIC (CVETKOVIC) Dusan 33 More info
CRICHTON James Mains of Fintry, Dundee Ploughman More info
CRIPPS Charles More info
CRONK Terence D. 19 Bishops Close, Wateringbury More info
CROSBY Thomas M. Southwell Road, Bangor More info
CROSS Florence Hylda 38 Belper More info
CRUICKSHANK Annie 54 Moray Place, Edinburgh Domestic Servant More info
CULLEN Mary Anne (Mrs.) 43 175 Bispam Road, Southport. More info
CULROSS Robert Newport Carpenter More info
CUNNINGHAM David 21 23 Pitalpin Street, Lochee Mason More info
CURPHEY Arthur Richard 42 commercial traveller More info
CURPHEY Sarah Jane 24 clerk More info
CURRIE James 52 Upper Clapton Gardener and nurseryman More info
CUSSONS Rev. John More info