SurnameFirst NameAgeResidenceOccupationLink to page
BAILEY Zachariah 50 9 Willow Park, Pontefract Bookmaker More info
BAIN Archibald 26 Mains of Balgay, Dundee Farmer More info
BAIN Jessie 22 Mains of Balgay, Dundee Sister of above More info
BAKER Joseph 35 Prince's End, Tipton Ironworker More info
BAKER Mary Evans Poole More info
BAKER Mrs. More info
BAKER Patricia D. F. 19 Catford Accounting machine operator More info
BAKER Richard A. 37 Stonepark Avenue, Beckenham More info
BALBES Sidney Simon 18 South Hackney Journeyman hairdresser More info
BALDWIN William Grantham More info
BALL John Lewis 33 20, Chestnut Avenue, Queen's Road, Hull More info
BALL Joseph 60 Train driver More info
BALL Valetort Rosevelt 39 Bellingham Metropolian Police officer More info
BANFIELD Morris John 28 George Street, Tonbridge More info
BARKER Agnes Emma Wrexham More info
BARKER Joseph foreman of the miners (railway tunnelers) More info
BARKWAY Doris I (Mrs.) 34 Chester Avenue, Cranham More info
BARNARD John Dariel 55 Woodfield Road, Tonbridge More info
BARNARD William H 56 Rectory Road, Ipswich Train driver More info
BARNSHAW Joseph Train driver More info
Barnsley Henry Joseph 31 More info
BARTLETT Janet E. 18 Old Bakery, The Ridge, Hastings More info
BASSETT Peter B. 40 Estridge Way, Tonbridge More info
BASTIAN Maria 60 Hadfield More info
BAWDON John 36 Tollington Park More info
BEAKES Thomas 49 Train guard More info
BEARD Hannah (Mrs.) 44 Glossop More info
BEART John 61 Aldborough draper More info
Beaumont James William 39 Theatre Tavern, Arundel Street, Sheffield More info
Beaumont Susannah(Mrs.) 41 Theatre Tavern, Arundel Street, Sheffield More info
BELCHER John Richard 16 21 Hill Street East, Stockton Apprentice mason at the West Stockton Ironworks More info
BELL Alfred 68 Hangingstone Road, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley WRY Director and secretary of textile export company More info
BELL George 22 More info
BELLWOOD Iris 2 York More info
BENCH Sydney Arthur 62 Ringwood Road, Bushbury, Wolverhampton Locomotive Driver More info
BENNETT Hawthorne C. Grovehill Gardens, Bangor More info
BENNETT Mr G.H.C employed by Messrs. Adams and Page More info
BENYON William H Cheltenham Photographer More info
BERKELEY Anthony J. B. 21 Castle Hill, Brenchley, near Tunbridge Wells More info
BERWICK Elizabeth Mary More info
BERWICK Walter (Hon, Judge) Dublin Judge More info
BETTS Elizabeth (Mrs.) 29 Cherry-street, Lakenham More info
BETTS John bricklayer More info
BETTS John 24 Cherry-street, Lakenham stoker Great Eastern Railway More info
BETTS Male infant 0 Cherry-street, Lakenham More info
BIGGS John 30 Guard (Cambrian Railway) More info
BILLS John 56 Train guard More info
BIRCH David 21 College Road, Bedford Soldier More info
BIRCH Guthrie Oswald 58 Eversley Way, Folkestone More info
BLACK Alexander William 47 Liberal MP for Banffshire, former lawyer More info
BLACKMAN Ethel (Mrs.) 38 The Avenue, Brighton More info
BLACKMAN Jean 11 The Avenue, Brighton More info
BLACKMAN Sheila 2 The Avenue, Brighton More info
BLACKSTOCK Jane 55 Elmhurst More info
BLAKE Jill 10 Mount Cottage, Mount Hill, Overtown, Burnley More info
BLAKE Mr. Sheffield More info
BLAKE Roger Keith 36 Mount Cottage, Mount Hill, Overtown, Burnley More info
BLOOMFIELD Mr. 11 Grosvenor Crescent, London Valet to the Duke of Leeds More info
BLOOR Henry 45 Stanley Platelayer More info
BLOUNT Edwin 48 More info
BLUNDEN Leonard Louis 39 Railway signalman More info
BOHANE Jennifer Ann 26 Saxonbury, Mayfield Lane, Wadhurst More info
BOLESTRIDGE Mr Three Horse Shoes Derby Road, Nottingham Landlord More info
BOLTON William Warrington Locomotive driver More info
BOMBARD John Train fireman More info
BOOLDS Charles James 20 Poplar Money-taker at Blackwall station More info
BOUCICAULT William Dion 20 More info
BOYLE Philip Arranmore Island More info
BOYLE Sarah Arranmore Island More info
BRADBURY Sarah 61 Marple? More info
Bradbury Thomas 36 Foreman lithographer More info
BRADLEY John 61 Wigan More info
BRANCH Jacqueline 16 London Road, Hurst Green More info
BREEDS Gay E. 17 Cross Way, Addington Student at Thomas Peacocke, now Rye College More info
BREEDS Judith M. 21 Cross Way, Addington Student at Thomas Peacocke, now Rye College More info
BREWER Frederick Walter 45 Ilford Show manager for orchestra More info
BRIDGES Frank Signalman More info
BRIGGS Jessie Nottingham More info
BROCK Charles Train driver More info
BROMBERG David 11 Chardmore Road, Stoke Newington More info
BROMBERG Harry 45 Chardmore Road, Stoke Newington Musician More info
BROMFIELD Harry 19 Elliott St, Bradford No occupation More info
BROMLEY Massey 40 Engineer More info
BROOK locomotive driver More info
BROOKER Maurice W J 60 5 Mint Gardens, Dorking train guard More info
BROWN Lizzie 14 28 Arbroath Road, Dundee Tobacco spinner More info
BROWN Mrs. T.W. Green Street, Enfield More info
BROWN Robert L 39 26 Consfield Avenue, Raynes Park More info
BROWN Susan 33 Norwich seamstress More info
BROWN Thomas Commercial Road Grantham More info
BROWN Thomas Daniel 22 Dale Street, Rawmarsh, Rotherham More info
BROWN W. More info
BROWNLIE Mrs. 63 Strathaven More info
BRYANT Emma London More info
BUCK Wm. Hanover Chanbers, Adelphi More info
BURDETT George H. 55 Railway guard More info
BURDON-SANDERSON Margaret Isabella (Miss) 25 More info
BURDON-SANDERSON Miss Elizabeth Haldane 27 More info
BURGESS Walter Frederick Duke's Avenue, Wealdstone More info
Burley Mary(Mrs.) 46 277 Shoreham street, Sheffield More info
BURT Andrew 29 Ripe Crossing, Glynde Labourer More info
BURTON Eliza Mary 45 Eastfield Road, Peterborough More info
BURTON John Matthew 46 Eastfield Road, Peterborough LNER rail worker at Peterborough More info
BUSBY Samuel 55 Curbridge Postmaster More info
BUTCHER Ronald 24 Scotland? Seaman (navy) More info
BYRD W. bricklayer More info
BYRNE Peter Mount Royal, Bangor and Upper Abbey Street, Dublin More info