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WADE Devonshire, England
WAGSTAFF Lancashire, England
WAITE Leicestershire, England
WAKE North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WAKEFIELD Gloucestershire, England
WAKEHAM Devonshire, England
WAKEHAM Sussex, England
WAKELIN Northamptonshire, England
WALDER Sussex, England
WALDING Northamptonshire, England
WALES East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WALKE Buckinghamshire, England
WALKER Cumberland, England
WALKER Derbyshire, England
WALKER East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WALKER Lancashire, England
WALKER Middlesex, England
WALKER Norfolk, England
WALKER North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WALKER Northamptonshire, England
WALKER Sussex, England
WALKER Staffordshire, England
WALKER West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WALL Derbyshire, England
WALL Staffordshire, England
WALLACE Cumberland, England
WALLACE Worcestershire, England
WALLAS Cumberland, England
WALLER Essex, England
WALLER Lancashire, England
WALLER Northamptonshire, England
WALLIS Sussex, England
WALMSLEY SMITH Lincolnshire, England
WALTER Sussex, England
WALTHEW Staffordshire, England
WALTON Cumberland, England
WALTON Lancashire, England
WALTON North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WARCUP East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WARD Derbyshire, England
WARD Lincolnshire, England
WARD Monmouthshire, Wales
WARD Northamptonshire, England
WARD Oxfordshire, England
WARD West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WARDE Staffordshire, England
WARHAM East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WARNES Norfolk, England
WAROLL Staffordshire, England
WARR Northamptonshire, England
WARREN Dorset, England
WARREN Lincolnshire, England
WARREN Norfolk, England
WARREN Northamptonshire, England
WARRON Lincolnshire, England
WARTON Westmorland, England
WASHER Hampshire, England
WASHER Sussex, England
WASHINGTON Cumberland, England
WATER Berkshire, England
WATERFIELD Lincolnshire, England
WATERHOUSE West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WATERS Kent, England
WATERS Monmouthshire, Wales
WATERS Sussex, England
WATERWORTH West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WATKIN Glamorganshire, Wales
WATKINS Buckinghamshire, England
WATKINS Dorset, England
WATKINS Glamorganshire, Wales
WATKINS Shropshire, England
WATKINS Worcestershire, England
WATKINSON East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WATKYNS} Buckinghamshire, England
WATSON East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WATSON Lincolnshire, England
WATSON Norfolk, England
WATSON Sussex, England
WATSON Staffordshire, England
WATSON Westmorland, England
WATTLE Kent, England
WATTS Oxfordshire, England
WAUGH Westmorland, England
WAUGH (JUNIOR) Westmorland, England
WAY Isle of Wight, England
WEALSBY East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WEBB Bedfordshire, England
WEBB Buckinghamshire, England
WEBB Hampshire, England
WEBB Middlesex, England
WEBB Northamptonshire, England
WEBB Oxfordshire, England
WEBB Somerset, England
WEBB Sussex, England
WEBBER Devonshire, England
WEBBER Somerset, England
WEBSTER Hertfordshire, England
WEBSTER Leicestershire, England
WEBSTER Norfolk, England
WEBSTER West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WEEDON Buckinghamshire, England
WEEKES Sussex, England
WEEKS Devonshire, England
WEEKS Somerset, England
WEEKS Wiltshire, England
WEETCH Somerset, England
WEIR Shropshire, England
WELBOURNE East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WELDON Leicestershire, England
WELLDON Northamptonshire, England
WELLER Sussex, England
WELLS Glamorganshire, Wales
WELLS Gloucestershire, England
WELLS Lincolnshire, England
WELLSTEAD Dorset, England
WELSH Staffordshire, England
WENHAM Sussex, England
WEST Bedfordshire, England
WEST Berkshire, England
WEST Devonshire, England
WESTACOTT Devonshire, England
WESTERN Cumberland, England
WESTLY Essex, England
WESTMERLAND Westmorland, England
WESTMORLAND Westmorland, England
WESTMORLANDE Westmorland, England
WESTON Sussex, England
WESTWOOD Staffordshire, England
WEYWORTH West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WHALES Northamptonshire, England
WHATMAN Sussex, England
WHATTOFF Leicestershire, England
WHATTOFFE Leicestershire, England
WHEATCROFT Derbyshire, England
WHEELER Gloucestershire, England
WHEELER London, England
WHEELER Monmouthshire, Wales
WHEELER Staffordshire, England
WHEELHOUSE East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WHELPDALE Lincolnshire, England
WHIDDEN Devonshire, England
WHILEY Staffordshire, England
WHITACRES Middlesex, England
WHITBORNE Berkshire, England
WHITCHURCH Buckinghamshire, England
WHITE Devonshire, England
WHITE Leicestershire, England
WHITE London, England
WHITE Norfolk, England
WHITE North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WHITE Nottinghamshire, England
WHITE Somerset, England
WHITE Sussex, England
WHITE Staffordshire, England
WHITE Warwickshire, England
WHITEHEAD Kent, England
WHITEHOUSE Staffordshire, England
WHITEING Glamorganshire, Wales
WHITFIELD West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WHITLEY West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WHITMARSH Buckinghamshire, England
WHITTLE Lancashire, England
WHYKE Sussex, England
WHYLEY Staffordshire, England
WHYMAN Kent, England
WICKENS Sussex, England
WICKER Sussex, England
WICKERSHAM Sussex, England
WICKHAM Dorset, England
WICKHAM Suffolk, England
WIDDICOMBE Devonshire, England
WIGGENS Oxfordshire, England
WILDE Derbyshire, England
WILDING Shropshire, England
WILDMAN Lancashire, England
WILDSMITH West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WILEY Staffordshire, England
WILKES Staffordshire, England
WILKINS Dorset, England
WILKINSON Cumberland, England
WILKINSON Derbyshire, England
WILKINSON East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WILKINSON Northamptonshire, England
WILKINSON Westmorland, England
WILKS Staffordshire, England
WILLIAM Glamorganshire, Wales
WILLIAM, BART Carmarthenshire, Wales
WILLIAMS Anglesey, Wales
WILLIAMS Buckinghamshire, England
WILLIAMS Berkshire, England
WILLIAMS Cardiganshire, Wales
WILLIAMS Cornwall, England
WILLIAMS Derbyshire, England
WILLIAMS East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WILLIAMS Glamorganshire, Wales
WILLIAMS London, England
WILLIAMS Monmouthshire, Wales
WILLIAMS North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WILLIAMS Northamptonshire, England
WILLIAMS Surrey, England
WILLIAMS? Glamorganshire, Wales
WILLIAMSON Lancashire, England
WILLIAMSON Norfolk, England
WILLINGHAM Lincolnshire, England
WILLIS Buckinghamshire, England
WILLIS Devonshire, England
WILLIS Dorset, England
WILLIS Monmouthshire, Wales
WILLIS Staffordshire, England
WILLMOTT Dorset, England
WILLOUGHBY Middlesex, England
WILLS Cornwall, England
WILLS Cumberland, England
WILLSHER Sussex, England
WILLSON Glamorganshire, Wales
WILLSON Staffordshire, England
WILMOT Buckinghamshire, England
WILSON Cumberland, England
WILSON Derbyshire, England
WILSON Dublin, Ireland
WILSON Glamorganshire, Wales
WILSON Leicestershire, England
WILSON Norfolk, England
WILSON Northamptonshire, England
WILSON Suffolk, England
WILSON Staffordshire, England
WILSON West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WINDER Cumberland, England
WINDER Lancashire, England
WING Lincolnshire, England
WINGROVE Buckinghamshire, England
WINN Lincolnshire, England
WINN Norfolk, England
WINSTONE Gloucestershire, England
WINTERBOTHAM Derbyshire, England
WISE MA Northamptonshire, England
WITHALL Middlesex, England
WITHEY Gloucestershire, England
WOOD Buckinghamshire, England
WOOD Cheshire, England
WOOD Cumberland, England
WOOD Durham, England
WOOD Glamorganshire, Wales
WOOD Lancashire, England
WOOD Northamptonshire, England
WOOD Sussex, England
WOOD Staffordshire, England
WOOD (JUNIOR) Glamorganshire, Wales
WOOD (YOUNGER) Glamorganshire, Wales
WOODALL Sussex, England
WOODFORD Isle of Wight, England
WOODFORD Northamptonshire, England
WOODHAMS Sussex, England
WOODHOUSE East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WOODHOUSE Norfolk, England
WOODHOUSE North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WOODING Bedfordshire, England
WOODMAN Buckinghamshire, England
WOODROOFE Derbyshire, England
WOODS Glamorganshire, Wales
WOODS Sussex, England
WOODWARD Worcestershire, England
WOOLEY Oxfordshire, England
WOOLLINGS Essex, England
WOOLMER Sussex, England
WOOLSTEN Norfolk, England
WOOTTON Devonshire, England
WOOTTON Wiltshire, England
WORKMAN Cumberland, England
WORLEY London, England
WORMALD West Riding of Yorkshire, England
WORRALL Leicestershire, England
WORRALL Worcestershire, England
WORSELEY Staffordshire, England
WOULDHAVE Durham, England
WRATISLAW Northamptonshire, England
WRAY East Riding of Yorkshire, England
WRAY Northamptonshire, England
WREN Essex, England
WRENFORD Norfolk, England
WRIGHT Derbyshire, England
WRIGHT Norfolk, England
WRIGHT North Riding of Yorkshire, England
WRIGHT Northamptonshire, England
WRIGHT Staffordshire, England
WROTH Devonshire, England
WYATT Devonshire, England
WYLDE Derbyshire, England
WYLEY Northamptonshire, England
WYLEY Staffordshire, England
WYLGOSE Sussex, England
WYMER Norfolk, England
WYND Sussex, England
WYNN Somerset, England