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O(H)BY Lincolnshire, England
OAKES Staffordshire, England
OAKEY Glamorganshire, Wales
OAKLEY Staffordshire, England
OBBARD Sussex, England
ODLING(TON) Lincolnshire, England
OKEY Gloucestershire, England
OLDAKER Warwickshire, England
OLDCORN Cumberland, England
OLDFIELD Kent, England
OLDREY Devonshire, England
OLIVER Norfolk, England
ORFORD Worcestershire, England
ORGAN Gloucestershire, England
ORGLE Sussex, England
ORME Shropshire, England
ORMSHAW Lancashire, England
ORPIN Wiltshire, England
ORRELL Lancashire, England
OSBORN Buckinghamshire, England
OSBORN Northamptonshire, England
OSBORN Worcestershire, England
OSBORNE Norfolk, England
OSBORNE Oxfordshire, England
OSBORNE Staffordshire, England
OSBORNE Worcestershire, England
OSLER Norfolk, England
OTTERBURN North Riding of Yorkshire, England
OVENDEN Sussex, England
OVENDEN (Junior) Sussex, England
OVER Northamptonshire, England
OVER (JUNIOR) Northamptonshire, England
OVER (SENIOR) Northamptonshire, England
OVERTON Lincolnshire, England
OVYAT Buckinghamshire, England
OWEN Caernarvonshire, Wales
OWEN Glamorganshire, Wales
OWEN Merionethshire, Wales
OWEN Monmouthshire, Wales
OWEN Shropshire, England
OWENS Caernarvonshire, Wales
OXER Norfolk, England