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From Kelly's Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Agate Miss, 14 Warwick street
Austin Mr. Charles, 6 Ambrose place
Banting Thomas, esq, 49 Marine parade
Barden Mr. Thomas, Warwick street
Barker Walter G. M.D. 18 Steyne
Battcock George, esq. 4 Heene terrace
Bean Rev. William; [Independent], Westbrook lodge
Blaber Miss, 3 Steyne
Blaker Mrs. 32 Marine parade
Botting Mr. Edward, 5 Egremont place
Braby Mrs. North street
Brandon Misses, 10 Ambrose place
Brandreth Thos. Shaw, esq. J.P. 15 Steyne
Bridges Mr. Thomas, Dane lodge, Grafton road
Buller Capt. Spencer, 4 Steyne
Burden Mrs. 47 Marine parade
Burford Miss, 2 Bedford row
Burney Misses, 14 Park crescent
Byrom Misses, Warwick house
Cartwright Mrs. 5 Ambrose place
Chatwin Capt. Charles, 12 Ambrose place
Cholmley Mrs. Bedford house
Cholmley Mrs. 3 Union place
Christmas Miss, 9 Ambrose place
Coffin Robert, esq. 10 Park crescent
Collett Henry James, esq. M.D. 1 Montague place
Collett Mr. William George, Navarino
Comber Mrs. Colleton cot. Chapel road
Crawford Misses, 14 Ambrose place
Croad Major Frederick John, 24 Marine parade
Cruse Rev. Francis, B.A. [incumbent of Christ church], Parsonage
Davey Mrs. 13 Steyne
Davies Miss, 1 Caledonian place
Davis Lieut. Henry B. Marine parade
Dean Mrs. 2 Steyne
Dennett Wm. Hugh, esq. 5 Bedford row
Dewley Mrs. Warwick lodge
Downing Mrs. 4 Caledonian place
Edmonds Mrs. 29 High street
Edmunds Richard, esq. 8 Bedford row
Ellicombe General Sir Charles, K.C.B. Tudor cottage, Chapel road
Fair James esq. 2 York terrace
Ferguson Miss, 2 Union place
Forth Miss, Manor house, High street
Fresson Mr. Mitchell, 4 Denmark villas, Grafton road
Fuller Mr. William Frederick, Bank house, Warwick street
Gardiner Miss, 1 Ambrose place
Gee Mrs. Islington house
Gibb Alexander James, esq. Chapel house, Chapel road
Gill Mr. Frederick, 22 Warwick street
Gilles Miss, 1 Warwick street
Graham Thomas Graham, esq. Treveor
Green Meloill, esq. Chapel road
Gresson Rev. John, M.A. Richmond house, Chapel road
Groom Mr. Charles, 6 Park crescent
Hardy Mrs. 10 Warwick street
Hargood Admiral William, J.P. 1 Liverpool terrace
Harris William, esq. 13 Marine parade
Harris Wm. John, esq. 4 Bedford row
Heath Mrs. 6 Liverpool terrace
Heather Mr. Charles, Lindhurst villa
Henderson Duncan, esq. M.D. Park villa
Hicks Mrs. 3 Caledonian place
Hill Mrs. 1 Westbrook villas
Hoffman Mr. George, Stanford cottage, Warwick street
Holmes Miss, 8 Bath place
Ivory John, esq. 3 Marlbrough terrace
Jefferson Mrs. 2 Chapel road
Keane Col. Edward, Westerfield house
Kenyon Rev. George [Wesleyan], Chapel street
Lane Mr. Edward, 1 Union place
Livins Mrs. 11 Liverpool terrace
Lyons Admiral John, 11 High street
McLachlan Mr. Charles, 3 Denmark villas, Grafton road
Macleod Malcolm Anderson, esq. Gothic lodge
Maxwell Capt. Wm. R.N. Marine villa
Maxwell Mrs. 11 Ambrose place
Methold Mrs. 44 Marine parade
Michaud Miss, 13 Park crescent
Monfort Charles, esq. 33 Marine parade
Moore Mr. Resta, Springfield lodge
Morton J. W. esq. Stanmer lodge, Chapel road
Newman Mrs. Worthing lodge
Nicholson Mrs. Brighton road
Norton Miss, 15 Ambrose place
O'Beirne James Hamilton, esq. 10 Liverpool terrace
O'Beirne Miss, 9 Liverpool terrace
Oliver Mrs. 12 Park crescent
Penfold Mrs. 23 Steyne
Penfold Mrs. Jane, 12 Steyne
Piggott Rev. Francis Allen, M.A. The College, Brighton road
Pilcher Jeremia, esq. 1 York terrace
Plumer Miss, 16 Warwick street
Poinder George, esq. Sussex lodge
Poley Mrs. Gordon cottage, Chapel st
Poole Mrs. 1 Union place
Potts Mrs. 2 Westbrook villas
Price Rev. Benjamin, Grafton road
Read Rev. William, M.A., F.R.A.S. Church cottage
Rebett Lady Louisa, North villa, Montague street
Roe Lady, Beach house
Ross Mr. William, Clifton road
Routledge Mrs. 13 Ambrose place
Russell Mrs. 2 Park crescent
Safe Daniel Henry, esq. Westbrook house
Serle Thos. Joseph, esq. Novello cottage
Sharpe Alfred, esq. M.D. 14 Steyne
Shaw Misses, East lodge
Sich Miss, 4 Ambrose place
Silverlock Mr. John, 7 Ambrose place
Smart Henry, esq. Colonnade house
Smith Mr. Henry Joseph, 3 Park crescent
Smith J. Norton, esq. Fairfield
Smith Miss, 1 Ambrose place
Smith Miss, 8 Liverpool terrace
Smith Mrs. 7 High street
Smythe Rev. Henry Meade, Brendeston lodge
Sole Mrs. 35 Marine parade
Stanford Miss, North End cottage
Stephens Admiral, Springfield
Stephenson Sir Macdonald, bart. East cottage
Stephenson Mrs. 8 Park crescent
Stocker Capt. Stephen, R.N. 1 Denmark villas, Grafton road
Streeter Mrs. 6 Steyne
Stride Mrs. 41 Marine parade
Tompkins Mr. Henry, 3 High street
Tribe Miss, 8 Ambrose place
Tribe William, esq. 39 High street
Tribe William Foard, esq. 12 Chapel rd
Tyffe Rev. Henry, M.A. Montague street
Upperton Miss, 5 Union place
Wake Lady, Tevill house
Wallace Mrs. Bellevue
Warren Capt. John S. J.P. Gloucester lodge, Chapel road
Waterman Mrs. 19 North street
Whitter William, esq. J.P. 17 Steyne
Wickham Rev. Frederic Peers, M.A. Worthing house
Wickham Arthur, esq. 9 Park crescent
Williams Harry J. L. M.A. 28 Marine parade
Winslow Mrs. Worthing cottage, High st
Wright Mrs. 55 Marine parade
Wyatt Mrs. North lodge, Crescent road

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